Getting fit involves lifting weights and doing targeted exercises to make your whole body strong. One tricky muscle group to work on is the back of your arms. These are also technically known as the posterior deltoid. In this guide, we’ll look at what this muscle is, what it does, and three easy exercises to get the most effective posterior deltoid training.

Understanding the Back of Your Arms:

The back of your arms has a muscle called the posterior deltoid. It’s part of a bigger muscle group called the deltoid, which also includes the front and middle parts. This muscle sits along the back of your shoulder, starting from a bony ridge on your shoulder blade and attaching to the upper part of your arm. Its main job is to help lift your arm out to the side and move it backward.

Best Exercises for Posterior Delta Training:

There are many ways to train and more exercises to adopt, but these are key moves to master for posterior deltoid training.

  1. Bent Over Rows:
    • Stand with your feet apart and grab a barbell with your hands wide.
    • Bend your knees a bit and keep your back straight.
    • Pull the bar up to your chest by bending your elbows.
    • Do this 10-12 times in 2-3 sets.
  2. Dumbbell Rear Flys:
    • Stand with your feet apart and lean forward slightly.
    • Hold a dumbbell in each hand with your arms straight.
    • Lift your arms out to the side, like a bird spreading its wings.
    • Do this 10-12 times in 2-3 sets.
  3. Inverted Rows/Barbell Pull-Ups:
    • Lie on your back under a sturdy bar or barbell.
    • Grab it with your hands wide and pull yourself up.
    • Keep your feet on the ground and do this 10-12 times in 2-3 sets.

Stretching and Being Safe:

To keep your arms flexible and avoid hurting yourself, do some stretches for the back of your arms. If you ever feel pain during these exercises, talk to a physical therapist. They can help you do the exercises the right way and make sure you stay safe.


Knowing about the back of your arms helps you make your upper body strong. By doing exercises like Bent Over Rows, Dumbbell Rear Flys, and Inverted Rows/Barbell Pull-Ups, you can make the back of your arms strong and balanced with the rest of your shoulder muscles. Adding stretches and getting advice from a physical therapist will help you have big and strong arms while keeping your workouts safe and effective.

posterior deltoid training

Written by Colin Fulton, PTA at Rehab Solutions


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