Rehab Solutions PT Reputation

Rehab Solutions Physical Therapy in Gillette, Wyoming has built its reputation on quality care and a family-like culture.  We pride ourselves in providing specialized care, by the specialist!  We are the only technician free clinic in Gillette, WY because quality of care matters.

Our Goal

You will be seen by a Doctor of Physical therapy and will never be handed to a tech.  All of our staff is licensed and certified to provide the highest quality care possible.

We have the experts and your solution for…

  • Sports Injuries and Injury Prevention
  • Dizziness and Vertigo
  • Joint Pain and Orthopedic Injuries
  • Oncology Physical Therapy
  • Pelvic Health (pelvic dysfunction, incontinence, pregnancy pain, post-partum recovery)
  • Athlete Development
  • Personal Training

Come to us with direct access!

Most insurances allow patients to come direct for 30 days without a referral. Research shows the sooner you get the care you need the faster your recovery and return to work and life so don’t delay. If you have a doctor’s order just bring it in!  You ALWAYS have a choice in your physical therapy care plan.

New Patients

Thank you for choosing Rehab Solutions for your care. We are glad you are here! Click here for new patient information.

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