Oncology Rehab

Regional Specialist

Tiffany Nielsen - PT, DPT, OCS

Physical therapy interventions for patients going through chemotherapy, radiation, or who have successfully beat cancer has been a game changer for hundreds of patients in the region. Tiffany is the only Oncology Rehab Specialist in the region and has been a leader in physical therapy interventions for the past 4 years. Patients post-prostatectomy, mastectomy, lumpectomy and many other cancer diagnosis have seen great results with PT treatment and often wish they would have started rehab sooner. Help us start the conversation today by referring a friend to us or speak with your doctor about seeing Tiffany Nielsen at Rehab Solutions!

only 1 specialist in the region
Tiffany Nielsen

We see patients with

Breast Cancer
Pelvic and GI Cancer
Upper and Lower Extremity Lymphedema

Tiffany’s specialized training

  • PORi certified oncology specialist

    • Oncology Rehabilitation Specialist, 2020

    • Head and Neck Cancer, 2020

    • Chemotoxicity and Cancer Exercise, 2020

    • Pelvic and GI Cancer, 2018

    • Breast Cancer, 2017

Tiffany Nielsen cancer specialist

Tiffany Nielsen - PT, DPT, OCS

Pelvic Health, Oncology, Orthopedic Physical Therapy

Prior to finding her trophy husband, Tiffany enjoyed traveling to Europe and staying at fancy hotels...

Emily’s specialized training

  • PORi certified oncology specialist

    • Pelvic and GI Cancer, 2020

    • Head and Neck Cancer, 2020

    • Breast Cancer, 2019

Emily PT

Emily Swanson - PTA

Oncology Rehab, Post Surgical, Amputees

Emily enjoys seeing all paths of recovery for patients, but has found a real passion with oncology rehab in the outpatient setting...

Dr. Tiffany Nielsen PT, DPT has the most experience and training in the region when it comes to treating patients with cancer diagnosis. Her and Emily’s passion for this patient population is obvious. Their patients love them and always seem surprised by how much they are able to help them combat pain, swelling, and stiffness while going through chemotherapy and radiation treatments. Contact us today!

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