What To Expect

What To Expect

Value-Based Care. Outcome Driven Treatment

✓ Expert clinicians on your specific issue

✓ One-on-one care with a PT or PTA EVERY VISIT!

✓Active, dynamic, continual assessment method

✓ Quick symptom resolution for most spine and joint pain

✓ Decreased healthcare cost

✓ High patient satisfaction

You, your care experience and your results are our top priority. The following are frequently asked questions and their answer to give you a better understanding of what to expect during your time with us. We encourage you to ask questions at any time in the assessment and treatment process.

Do I have a choice where I do my physical therapy?

All physical therapy scripts are accepted at our clinic. If you are under a doctor’s care, all you have to do is tell them where you would like to do your therapy. Where you get physical therapy is 100% your choice.

What can I expect during my first visit?

Expect to spend 45-60 minutes with us on the first visit with 10 minutes for paperwork. Our front office coordinator will call on your insurance to find out benefit details for you.

  • Please bring your insurance card to your first visit.
  • Please provide an ID during the initial visit.

You will be seen by a Doctor of Physical Therapy and they will:

  • Ask you questions regarding your medical history, pain or injury and goals
  • Complete a thorough assessment to create a treatment plan
  • A short treatment session at the end of the evaluation.
What can I expect with my return visits if my pain is mechanical in nature?

Follow-ups will always include follow-up questions to determine if treatment and home program are going well and to allow PT to reassess to make changes to your program so you can be successful. We will try out best to keep you with the same treating PT and PTA team throughout your treatment plan. This will allow for the most progressive care and best results for you.

What can I expect for return visits following an orthopedic surgery?

If you have not yet gone in for surgery, remember we offer complimentary pre-surgical consults (15 minutes) where the PT will go over what you should expect in the recovery process and answer any questions you may have.

Expect 60 minutes for post-surgical PT sessions. The duration of time in therapy will depend on the type of surgery and your doctor’s orders usually 2-3x per week. Surgeons generally have protocols for their post-surgical patients that we follow to facilitate the healing process and get you back to normal function. The general goals of post-surgical rehab is to facilitate healing, restore range of motion, strength and full function of the involved joint. The therapist will also tailor your treatment plan to make sure all personal goals are also met such as return to work, return sport or a specific activity.

Who will be involved in my care?

If you are under a doctor’s care we will always communicate with them regarding your condition, plan of care, progress and goals. If you have come direct access and would like us to keep in contact with your physician we will do the same.

All physical therapy is directed by the Physical Therapist teamed with a PTA. There are not treating technicians in our clinic. A technician may set you up with ice or heat or a modality like electrical stimulation per the direction of the PT or PTA if needed.

Pelvic health treatments are done in a private room by Lee Sowada, PT, DPT, PRPC every visit.

Can I request a specific therapist?

Each one of our therapists has their specialties so the front office coordinator will schedule you based on your diagnosis and time available first. If you have a request for a specific therapist please let our front office coordinator know so she can schedule you accordingly. Also, if you know that only a certain time of day works for you, let her know that as well so she can schedule you with a therapist that can consistently see you at those times. We try to be as consistent as possible in keeping you with the same therapist.

How much will it cost?

Cost will vary depending on duration of treatment, what is done each day in therapy and the payer/insurance responsible for bill. Please call with this question and the front office coordinator will be able to give you a more specific answer based on your individual case. The Billing Specialist will check insurance benefits and eligibility, copayments are due at time of services unless other arrangement have been made. We offer automatic payments plans and file to insurance for you.

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