What makes our cancer exercise class different than just going to the gym?

We have three certified chemotoxicity and cancer exercise therapists that are trained through Physiological Oncology Rehabilitation Institute (PORi) that take into consideration of your past medical history, range of motion limitations, and any concerns with past or current chemotherapy or radiation treatment and it’s potential affects on your heart muscle. Our three specialists have put these classes together since early 2019 and are passionate about keeping all of our patients active and having minimal to no limitation after a cancer diagnosis.

Specialized Programming for Cancer Exercise

Instructors from Rehab Solutions hold advanced certification in Physiological Oncology Rehabilitation. We personalize programming factoring in:

  • Past treatments like chemotherapy/radiation and effects
  • Range of motion limitations or concerns like heart health
  • Current fitness capabilities and stamina

Smart Progress Over Time

We administer treadmill assessments to define target heart rate zones for safe, effective training. As strength and endurance improves, we re-evaluate and push participants further.

Equipment for Cancer Exercise

Each 1-hour session utilizes our full gym arsenal to continually introduce new stimulus:

  • Cardio machines: treadmills, bikes, steppers
  • Resistance tools: bands, weights, reformer Pilates
  • Flexibility aids: rollers, blocks, therapy balls

**Encouragement & Camaraderie **

Our small class size builds connections between members. Instructors offer motivation and support each step while monitoring technique and fatigue.


What others have said about the class:

Denice V

It was thorough and specific for my needs, and I liked using the different equipment. Emily was always concerned and aware of each student. She was very encouraging.

Sonja W

I liked learning that my body isn’t as damaged as I thought, feeling stronger, and the camaraderie.

Liz J

I enjoyed a small class size, and personal attention. I loved coming to the class!

If you would like more information on upcoming cancer exercise classes, call Rehab Solutions today! 307.686.8177

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