Scar Tissue Management

healing your scar tissue

Any surgery inevitably results in scar tissue formation. Through hands-on therapy at strategic times, we can guide proper mobility and alignment for function. This helps to dramatically improve healing your scar tissue.

Let’s walk through techniques our physical therapists target during key phases:

Phase 1 – Inflammation (Starts Day 1 Post-Op)

Initially, priority is protecting the joint and surgical site by:

  • Cleaning incisions daily to prevent infection risks
  • Wrapping & splinting to limit swelling strain on delicate new tissue
  • Activity modification education to not disturb internal healing

Phase 2 – Fibroplasia Proliferation (Weeks 3-6)

Around weeks 4-5, granulation tissue and early collagen begins regenerating. We introduce gentle stretching and compression through:

  • Superficial scar massage mobilizing layers under the skin
  • Gentle active and passive joint motion to orient fibers
  • Flexibility exercises during tissue regeneration

Phase 3 – Maturation Remodeling (Week 6 Through Year 1)

The longest phase, collagen gains strength and can contract over time. We encourage length using:

  • Cross-friction massage loosening adhesive anchors
  • Myofascial techniques maintaining surrounding tissue freedom
  • Pressure & movement in all planes to maintain elasticity

Fun Fact

Healthy skin can stretch 50% of its resting length.
Fresh scars stretch only 15%.
After a year, just 4%.

Our therapy timing optimizes recovery when healing your scar tissue. We also teach home scar care continuity. Have questions or want to start therapy? Call us at 307.686.8177.

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