Dr. Ryan Schrock

DPT, Ph.D (c), NCS, CSCS

My greatest professional joy is the opportunity to serve patients.  Every professional decision I make, I center on this servitude mentality.  Considering that singular focus, I do not take for granted the opportunity to serve our community in a unique capacity as a physical therapist focused on the rehabilitation of dizziness, concussions, and neurologic disorders the past 13 years.  For me, the optimal patient experience should be coupled with clinicians always seeking to do and be better.  Thus, I have come to the decision to begin work on a terminal doctoral degree.  I am fortunate that this opportunity will also allow me to continue practice at Rehab Solutions.

Frankly, the decision to return to school was an easy one.  Any patient that decides to collaborate with me leaves knowing of my passion for vestibular and neurophysiology.  My scientific mind enjoys the discipline necessary to understand not only the detailed anatomy and physiology but the wide-ranging diversity of how those structures can change.  I am fortunate to enjoy a supporting network nationally and internationally who has truly guided me in not only seeking answers to medical questions, but of equal importance, to ask the medical questions we may not even know to ask.  Concussions, and our lacking but evolving knowledge, is an area harboring hundreds of questions.  I have a notebook of theories and am excited to methodically develop and answer many of those questions.  My only hope is to seek answers to better serve patients economically, effectively, and accurately.

Thus, I am excited to announce that I will begin study at Rocky Mountain University of Health Professions in Provo, UT.  I will be working on my Doctor of Philosophy (Ph.D.) in Health Sciences, focusing on Neurologic Rehabilitation.  This program is an online hybrid program, which will allow me to continue with patient care and co-ownership responsibilities at Rehab Solutions.

I would be remiss if I did not recognize the incredible talent and like-minded, servant-driven clinicians and support personnel at Rehab Solutions.  Continuously engaged in learning and becoming better, our service line is actively growing.  This is a direct result of colleagues who seek to provide expert care for each patient contact we make.  I draw strong inspiration to become a better medical provider from those I spend much of my day with and learn from.  Simply put, we are a group of colleagues who believe patients deserve expert care and are focused on providing said level of care.

Even more importantly, and less intuitively to the public eye, is the certain sacrifices my incredible wife and four active, talented children will make throughout this endeavor.  My family intimately understands the sacrifice they make in my providing off-hour calls, weekend appointments, and responding to patient questions during non-patient hours.  Honestly, my only reservation in returning to school was and is the effect my family will face.  However, Nicole and I are deliberate in teaching our children the importance of using our individual gifts to serve others.  Their support is immeasurable to who I am as a person and professional.

Our focus at Rehab Solutions is serving patients, serving colleagues, and serving our community.  As we continue to mature, our expectation is to provide expert-level rehabilitation services. We view each day as an opportunity to both grow and prove our assertion of Rehab Solutions: Advanced Physical Therapy.  Thank you for entrusting us in your care.

If at any time you feel our team of colleagues can serve you, please call (307) 686-8177.

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