As ski season is approaching, getting ready to hit the slopes is paramount for safety and injury prevention.  We’ve all had that experience of getting in over our heads in the deep powder of a run too advanced for our skill level.  Oopsie!  Now, you wouldn’t want to find yourself up the creek without a paddle (or ski pole) and then be forced to sit out the rest of the day in the lodge.

Although we use gravity going down and a ski lift to return to the peak, skiing can be a very good workout!  We are using strength, proprioception (balance), endurance and flexibility and all these aspects can be practiced before you head up the mountain.  Strength is needed, especially at our legs, to maintain positions during turns and to stop, to propel forward and getting on and off the chair lift.  We need balance to adjust to avoid a fall or rock and/or land a jump (if you do that sort of thing).  All day skiing?  Endurance required.  Enough said.  Flexibility and stretching can help before and after a big day and hopefully not with a fall.

Below is a list of suggested exercises to get you prepared for a day of, hopefully, fresh pow-pow.

  • Double or single leg squats: with a wide stance, bend your knees and hips in a manner like you are sitting to a chair, bringing thighs levels to the floor.
  • Single leg stance: toss an item between your hands while standing on one leg, with knee straight; or for a challenge- try bending your knee.
  • Band walks: use a theraband around your ankles to walk sideways; keeping core tight and toes straight forward (think, hinge at the hip).
  • Stair Step off with land on single leg: at the bottom of a stair case, step up to the first stair and then take a forward step off to land on single leg; make sure to land with bent knee to absorb the land, then hold and repeat.
  • Jog/walk/run: 10-30 minutes or even up to 60 minutes, if you are daring!  Yeah, cardio!
  • Prone mountain climbers: from a push-up position make sure your abs are engaged, alternate driving a knee towards chest, then with a small hop, switch feet.
  • Attempt 15 repetitions of each to start your program and feel the burn!

If you have questions or concerns about the form or techniques of these exercises, we can help!

Furthermore, if any of these exercises cause pain, stop doing them and give us a call!


Remember to have fun and get out there to shralp the gnar!

Written by: Sarah Lervick PTA at Rehab Solutions

May or may not be Sarah Lervick.
May or may not be Sarah Lervick.
Sarah shralpin the gnar
Sarah shralpin the gnar
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